The project features the conservation and refurbishment of a 1930’s countryside villa in the Martina Franca area in Puglia, Italy. The building had been left in derelict state for years and its new owner, a doctor with a passion for photography and gardens wanted to make it his second home and studio.

The careful repairs were limited to the essential to keep as much as possible of the existing building and enhancing what was there. The layout at ground floor was essentially retained with the addition of two bathrooms. The old windows and floor finishes were replaced and re-fitted by local craftsmen.  The basement was decorated and lime washed to enhance some existing stone inserts. 

A breath of contemporary taste travels through the house with its furnishings chosen by the owner and in the insertion of a corner window in the living room. The external white portico is a detached white structure surrounded by lavender plants and Mediterranean plants providing a stunning setting for the summer evenings.

Before the works – Side entrance

Before the works – Main entranceProposed planProposed site plan

Entrance path

After the works – Entrance path

Side view of house

After the works – Side view of house

Entrance and portico

After the works – Side entrance and portico

Living room corner window

After the works – Living room with new corner window

Master bedroom

After the works – Master bedroom


After the works – New pool and landscaping