Our Story

There are certain events that change the course of one’s life. It is these events that we remember in detail and that continue to excite our minds, informing our thoughts and actions today.

It was during a journey to west Wales over 40 years ago when Roger and his wife discovered an abandoned watermill in a remote valley. Covered in snow, it still had most of its original features and machinery in place but it needed to be repaired by careful hands. They knew little about the area, nothing about mills and nothing about old buildings but they rose to the challenge, and after joining the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings they were introduced to the thrills and enchantments of old buildings. A life changing experience began, driving their plans to repair and conserve what had survived so many centuries but had been neglected and fallen into disrepair.

Roger Mears Architects was founded with this goal, approaching old buildings sensitively because they embody the ideals and aspirations of generations of people from all backgrounds and that has been lovingly crafted, adapted, altered and maintained over the centuries. We work with these buildings and help shape them to suit our clients’ styles and aspirations, creating spaces for their families and loved ones to enjoy. A diverse cultural background broadens our approach as well as openness to challenges.

Our aim is to hand this heritage to future generations: “the past is not dead; it is living in us, and will be alive in the future which we are now helping to make” (William Morris).

Who we are

We are an architectural practice with over 40 years of experience, specializing in conservation; our firm has worked on and provides sensitive solutions to buildings of all types.

We have a passion for each project, whatever the brief. We listen to our clients, and work towards creating a building that not only satisfies their requirements, but brings them continued joy over the years. This is the reason why we work, and why the relationships we have forged with most of our clients have outlasted the projects themselves. We also treat the building as our second client, ensuring that its problems are also heard, and properly looked after.

Our employees share a genuine enthusiasm for our work: we have maintained a learning environment and have always invested in training, research and continued education. We have a longstanding history of inclusiveness and diversity: we were the case study for RIBA’s case for diversity 2014, and a finalist for Women in Architecture Awards 2013.

How we work

While working on a project, we aim to uncover its journey through time. Our first step is to understand the origins of the building, its setting and the changes through history. We then identify its distinctive features through investigations, and specify careful and meticulous repair. We often add to the narrative of the building by designing new features, additions and extensions derived either from the original details, or in the 21st century idiom. Each repair is honest in detail, and each addition is designed to ensure that the building is enjoyed by another new generation.

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