Joining two cottages together in Islington, London

Located off a narrow pedestrian passage in a North London conservation area, these two adjoining cottages sit within a mix of retail and residential 18th- and 19th-century buildings on narrow plot-widths. The cottages are probably 18th century in origin, but they had undergone considerable alteration over the years, predominately in the 20th century, so that little original fabric remained. A further extension to a ground floor extension had been added in 2006, and many of the rooms did not function in terms of space or flow.

We joined the two cottages together, designing a replacement staircase in a very tight space up into a Mansard roof in one of them, created a new library with a faux bookcase door and opened out the ground floor living room.

01-934 Dagmar Passage AFTER 13

Entrance to the cottage

02-934 Dagmar Passage Before 1301 12 adj 1280W@72dpi

Dining Room – before

03-934 Dagmar Passage Before 1301 13 adj 1280W@72dpi

Dining Room before

04-934 Dagmar Passage Before 1301 14 adj 1280W@72dpi

Dining room, looking to the kitchen

05-934-new glazed partition adj 1280W@72dpi

Sketch design for new hall in dining room

06-934 Dagmar Passage AFTER 2

New hallway after completion

07-934 Dagmar Passage AFTER 3

Dining room – after

08-934 Dagmar Passage Before 1301 11 adj 1280W@72dpi

Library – before

09-934 - library option2 adj 1280W@72dpi

Library Concept Sketch

10-934 Dagmar Passage AFTER 11

Library – after completion, with faux bookcase door

11-934 Dagmar Passage Before1301_1 adj 1280W@72dpi

Staircase in Living Room – before

13-934 Dagmar Passage AFTER 9

Staircase in Living Room – after

14-934 Dagmar Passage Before1301_4 adj P1280W@72dpi

Staircase before

18-934 Dagmar Passage AFTER 7

Staircase- after

15-934 Dagmar Passage Before1301_8 adj P1280W@72dpi

Staircase before – top floor

19-934 Dagmar Passage AFTER 6

Staircase- after

16-934 Dagmar Passage Before1301_7 adj 1280W@72dpi

Writer’s garret – before


20-934 Dagmar Passage AFTER 4

Writer’s garret entered via a reclaimed door – after.