The Tottenham High Streets Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) is Haringey’s Coucil goal to make the high street in Bruce Grove Town Centre a more attractive, engaging and vibrant place for people to live, work and spend time. It aims to build a unique identity for the local area and its people, celebrate its cultural diversity and encourage investment. It is a grant funded project of around five million pounds.

We have been appointed by Harigey Council to assist on the design and delivery of the improvement of St Mark’s Methodist Church public real areas (car park on Foster Road and nursery on St Loys Road) and the frontage on the High Road, including new shopfronts signage, glazing reinstatement and cladding conservation and repairs, and a new lighting scheme.

St Marks Methodist Church, High Road
St Marks improvement visual (RMA)
St Marks car park improvements visual (RMA)
St Loys Road improvement visual (RMA)

The project also extends to the forecours of a number of properties on Bruce Grove, were drainage and resurfacing works will improve accessibility and outlook.

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We are looking forward to see the whold project completed for the public enjoyment.