CJ Hendry art exhibition closed last Sunday 22 May and we are very pleased to have enabled it.

‘Epilogue ‘ introduced Hendry’s new monochromatic work to her audience while still showcasing the artist’s signature, photorealistic style. Comprised of 20 unique works, the series explored themes of reflection and reevaluation, with color palettes of black and white. Acting as a commentary on the transient nature of beauty, time and mortality, ‘Epilogue’ featured a sensory experience that sees 10 tons of recyclable confetti continuously falling from the ceiling throughout the exhibition’s 10-day period.

Visitors enjoyng the experience – Photo by Roger Mears Architects

Roger Mears Architects were involved from initial phases of the exibition planning and assisted in obtaining Listed Building Consent for the removal of ceiling safety netting, alterations to the walls and ceiling in connection with the exibition set up. We also coordinated some of the contractor work on site.

Epilogue drawings on the altar – Photo by Rober Mears Architects

Commenting on the exhibition in a press release, Hendry explains that “It’s natural at this time in the world that this series be concerned with the provocation of time, death and decay. We treasure flowers for their fleeting beauty. Countless artists have depicted flowers in full bloom, but few have portrayed them as they begin to wither and shed their petals. To me this is where the beauty lies, and ‘Epilogue’ is a memorial to them and a reminder that nothing lasts forever.”