SPAB Heritage and Sustainability in Action – Spring CPD Series

Session 2 – Retrofit

Sarah Khan presented two case studies that have implemented sustainable approaches to traditionally constructed buildings as part of the SPAB Spring CPD series. This session included an introduction to retrofit, followed by a close analysis of the two case studies. The lecture highlighted the benefits for increasing energy efficiency in historic buildings.

Case Study 1: Putney Chapel (

This project relates to two Gothic Revival Chapels, located in a historic cemetery in Putney; unused for over 30 years and in a state of dereliction. The project has rescued these crumbling Gothic Revival Chapels using traditional materials and techniques in an imaginative and subtle conversion into a small private dwelling. The energy efficiency retrofit included dealing with stone walls, a slate roof, stone floors, and stained glass windows. The project was also a case study in the Historic England report ‘Understanding Carbon in the Historic Environment’.

Case Study 2: Camden Cottage (

This project rescued a timber-framed cottage. The energy efficiency retrofit included dealing with timber frame walls as well as brick walls, tiled roof, stone floor, and Georgian windows.