‘Thermal Comfort and Joy: Energy Efficiency Lessons from Historic Interiors’

Sarah Khan gave a talk at the BIID event on Historic Textiles on 23rd of May at the The Art Workers Guild in Bloomsbury, London. The evening featured two lectures, one by the textile expert John Miners, followed by Sarah’s talk.

Sarah’s talk introduced historic interior treatments for floors, walls, windows and ceilings and discussed energy efficiency performance of individual historic interior treatments. Sarah’s research project into the environmental impact of historic treatments was introduced to the audience, highlighting the ‘technologies’ of yesteryears: revealing that a look into history can disclose many solutions that could still be used effectively today. This is especially relevant when facing the challenges of sustainably upgrading and retrofitting existing buildings, which often conflicts with retaining the character of important interiors with insensitive refurbishment, whilst achieving aesthetically pleasing zero-carbon solutions.