At Stroud Green we have succeeded in gaining Planning Permission on a site with a 20 year history of refusals. The back garden site is in a Conservation Area, overlooked by neighbouring properties, and has serious privacy and streetscape issues. Numerous attempts by other architects have failed to secure a viable use of this site over the past 20 years.

Our proposals are to convert this derelict rear garden plot into a family home. The new building is formed on two levels, with an internal courtyard to the basement with full height glazing. We have optimised the sustainability and biodiversity of the site via green roof. Privacy concerns have been overcome while including natural daylight by using louvres to rooflights and the glazed elevation.

1622 - 99 utp

Proposed Louvre facade addressing overlooking and privacy issues

1622 - entrance

Proposed Main Entrance

1622 - street elevation

Proposed Street frontage