This small Oxfordshire farmhouse and associated  farm buildings were arranged around a working courtyard and a large barn had been converted for use, with the living room on the upper level. Our first job was to convert a small barn as an office and utility room and to create two bedrooms and bathroom out of the adjoining cowshed.

A few years later, we were asked to design what turned out to be a large extension. Our clients wanted a robust and substantial family house with good sized rooms. The ground floor of the original house was opened up to create a large kitchen, dining room and entrance hall. The extension contains living rooms and bedrooms arranged around a gallery.  Local Hornton stone was used, with oak in roof structures and joinery. Interest was created within the extended circulation passages with seating bays and galleries. The projecting bays provide shelter over external doors and panoramic views from inside and were inspired by the loading doors and roof of the small barn.

Farmhouse Cotswold - new extension

Farmhouse Cotswold – new extension

Window seat over entrance door

Entrance hall and entrance hall gallery, before and after

Entrance hall and gallery after

Garden Room

Garden Room

Family room - dolls house

Family room – dolls house

Bedroom above family room

Bedroom above family room